Hawarden Airport Pilot Information


Hawarden Radar 120.055
Hawarden Tower 124.955
Hawarden ATIS 125.430 Telephone: 01244 522012

Airport opening Hours:

Winter: (Zulu)
Mon-Fri 0630-2100;
Sat and Sun 0830-1900.

Summer: (Zulu)
Mon-Fri 0530-2000;
Sat and Sun 0730-1800.

Airport Restrictions:

The following will not be accepted into Hawarden Airport.

How to obtain PPR:

Hawarden Airport is strictly PPR.

Permission can be obtained from ATC via telephone on 01244 522012.

Email requests can be missed, so contact via telephone is advised.

Fees and Charges:

(Aircraft with a MTOW of 1500Kgs or less)

Landing: £16.00 (inc VAT)

Touch and Go: £4.00 (inc VAT)

SRA Training Fee: £18.59 (inc VAT)

ILS Training Fee: £18.00 (inc VAT)

The ILS, NDB or SRA fee is included in the landing fee for any approach that results in a full stop landing.

Parking prices can be obtained from Aviation Park Group on +44 (0) 1244 538568 or

+44 (0) 1244 536454.

Border Force and Special Branch:

Please see the websites below for more information on overseas flights, including the relevant forms that need to be completed.



Taxi / Collection Information:

If parking on Apron November, the address below may be helpful whilst arranging transport to and from the aerodrome.

Aviation Park, Flint Road, Chester, CH4 0GZ

Aerocare customers are advised to contact them regarding airport transfers.

Marshalling is mandatory on all Aprons.

The following services are provided by Aviation Park Group.

Who are open Mon – Fri: 06.30 to 21.00 and Sat – Sun: 08.30 to 19.00

+44 (0) 1244 538568

+44 (0) 1244 536454

Email: mailto:ops@aviationparkgroup.co.uk

Parking, Handling, Fuel and De-icing:

Fuel and oil types available:



Fuelling facilities/capacity AVGAS: Fixed pump.

AVTUR: Bowser (pressure and over wing).

De-icing facilities:

A Mobile rig is available by prior arrangement.


Hangar space for visiting aircraft on Apron N is limited for light aircraft but can be arranged.

Maintenance Facilities:

Repair facilities for visiting aircraft limited for light aircraft on Apron N and C (by prior arrangement).

Full services are available for Aerocare customers.


(a) Pilots are reminded of the proximity of Restricted Area EG R311, 5 nm north of the aerodrome.

(b) The reinforcing steel within the concrete pavement of Runway 04/22 may cause compass deviation on stationary aircraft.

(c) Westerly and Easterly surface winds of greater than 15kt may lead to turbulence from factory buildings.

(d) Runway 22 strip end is infringed on the left hand side by a frangible garden fence to a distance of 34m.

(e) High Ground rising up to 1848ft amsl between 5 nm and 10 nm Southwest of the aerodrome

(f) The ground rises steeply beyond 6500 m throughout the climb out area.

(g) A hangar (obstacle EGNR45) infringes the southern transitional surface to Runway 04/22 by 7.94 m. It is fitted with an obstruction light.

Helicopter Operations

(a) Helicopter Operations ‘H’ is available for helicopters up to ‘d’ value not exceeding 13.5 m, during daylight hours only.

(b) Aiming point on Taxiway J is available ONLY for approved Police Air Support Unit in accordance with locally agreed procedures.

Technical data:

Noise abatement Procedures:

The following procedures may only be deviated from to the extent necessary in order to maintain aircraft safety:

a) All aircraft operators are to ensure that their aircraft conform to the noise abatement techniques laid down for the aircraft and that all operations are conducted in order to cause the least amount of disturbance to areas surrounding the aerodrome.  

b) Jet and turbo-prop aircraft must not join the final approach track at a height of less than 1000ft.  

c) All departures turning left from runway 22 must climb ahead to 1.5 DME before turning on track. 

d) All aircraft are to avoid over flying the village of Broughton (1nm SW of the aerodrome) and also any factory buildings.

 e) Aircraft should avoid overflying built up areas and dwellings and minimise noise nuisance as far as possible.

Procedures for Aircraft departing Hawarden to join the Airways System:

All Airways departures will be issued with a standard outbound clearance of either a REXAM 5 or WAL 4 departure as follows:

(a) REXAM 5 Runway 22— join controlled airspace on track REXAM climbing to 5000ft ALT.

If no contact with Scottish Control by REXAM, take up a right hand orbit at REXAM and re-contact Hawarden on previous frequency;

(b) REXAM 5 Runway 04— after departure, immediate right turn remaining outside the Manchester CTA, join controlled airspace on track REXAM climbing to 4000ft ALT, on crossing the WAL 167R, climb to 5000 ft. If no contact with Scottish Control by REXAM, take up a right hand orbit at REXAM and re-contact Hawarden on previous frequency;

(c) WAL4 Runway 04: Turn immediately left on track WAL, climb to altitude 4000 ft. If no contact with Scottish Control, take up a right hand orbit at WAL and re-contact previous ATC agency;

(d) WAL4 Runway 22: Turn immediately right on track WAL, climb to altitude 4000 ft. If no contact with Scottish Control, take up a right hand orbit at WAL and re-contact previous ATC agency.

Note: The transition altitude for this procedure is 5000ft due to the proximity of the Manchester TMA. Aircrew should ensure that autopilots and FCM’s are set accordingly.

Further information can be found in the Hawarden UK AIP.