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Hawarden Airport is ideally located and well equipped for training.

Hawarden Airport is equipped with a CAT I ILS to both runways, together with a frequency paired DME and an NDB. We are also equipped with an on site Primary survaillenace radar, and off site Secondary Surveillance Radar. These navaids gives Hawarden the ability to provide a variety of ‘procedural’ instrument approaches together with conventional radar vectored approaches and Surveillance Radar Approaches.

The airport accepts IFR training using the navaids subject to PPR.

The airport accepts flying training for the purpose of obtaining a PPL on the proviso that the only airfield based training organisations may conduct solo flights. Non-based training organistaions may carry out PPL flying training sorties providing that they are under the instruction of a a qualified flying instuctor.

We offer unrestricted training during our published opening hours.

Our pricing is both flexible and competitive, with rates available per touch, per hour or per day depending on your requirements.

All IFR and VFR flying training is subject to PPR which can be obtained by calling ATC on 01244 522012.

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