Community Information

For aircraft to operate safely in the vicinity of Hawarden, ATC need to be made aware of any activities planned which may impact on the safe arrival or departure of an aircraft.

Guidance and application forms can be found by following the links below.

Displays and events

CAA Guidance for Fireworks, lasers, sky lantern and balloon releases near to airports.

Noise complaints

CAA Guidance relating to noise complaints.

Communications Department will record Noise complaints on a data base.


CAA Guidance for crane operation in the vicinity of airports.

For crane permits please contact


CAA Guidance on operating permissions for drones and UAVs.

We would recommend contacting ATC both before your UAV flight has commenced and once the UAV is safely on the ground.

Work Experience

Airbus work experience website

For enquiries relating to work experience contact

Airport Contacts:

Airbus Public Relations: 01244 522078

Hawarden ATC: 01244 522012